Saturday, October 13, 2012

My goal weights

Hey my lovelies! I started this weight loss journey at 168 and now I'm....*drum roll* 156.4!! I'm so exited! I wanted to share my goal weights with you guys!






SW-Starting weight

FGW-First goal weight

SGW-Second goal weight

TGW-Third goal weight

UGW-Ultimate goal weight

Thanks for reading! Blog ya soon, bye!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I lost 10 pounds!!!!!!!!!

Hey bloggies!!!!!!! I'm so excited, if you remember, I started this weight loss journey at 168 pounds and today I weighed 158!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! 10 pounds down, 48 to go!! I feel like I'm on top of the world. Yeah, it took me about a month but I'm proud of myself, especially since I did this without exercise! This is just proof that I can do it! Don't lose sight of your goals! Blog ya soon, bye!! :-)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New exercise plan

Hey bloggies! Tomorrow I start tracking my points and doing my full body exercise plan I created. So heres my plan.

30 seconds sprint and then a minute walk for a full 20 min
30 seconds of mountain climbers
15 burpees
30 seconds of jumping jacks
10 squat jumps

Back of arms (triceps): Put your hands on a low surface (like a couch or the bottom step of the stairs) and put your feet together on the ground in front of you. Lower your body to where your bottom almost touches the floor, and lift back up. Do 20 reps a day.

Arms and chest: Do pushups. Not girl pushups. Do 20 a day.

Abs. Here's the doozy for girls. Do ALL of these a day if you eventually want a flat stomach. :
1. Regular crunch. Lie on the floor with your hands behind your head and lift your shoulder blades off the ground. Don't let your chin hit your collarbone. 40 reps a day.
2. Side crunches. For left, assume same position as regular and bring right elbow to left knee. For right do the reverse. Do 20 reps of each a day.
3. Lower ab crunches. Lie on your back with your feet straight above you in the air and touch your toes. 20 reps a day.
4. Lower ab side crunches. Assume position of lower ab crunches and reach for the space beside left foot 20 times, then right 20 times (daily).
5. Vertical cut crunches.  Lie on your side. Prop yourself up on the elbow and knee closest to the ground, letting the other leg and arm extend straight. Pull the extended arm towards your back, 10 reps a day on each side.

Hips: Lie on your side and pull one leg up until its perpendicular with the floor. 50 reps each side.

Butt: Lie on your back with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Raise your pelvis. 40 reps.
Lunges 20 on each leg
15 squats

Butt and legs: Get on your hands and knees. Lift your bended leg. 20 reps each leg.

Legs: Again, get on your hands and knees. Straighten one leg. Lift it. 20 reps each leg.

Inner thighs: Lie on your back with your legs bend and your knees straight up, your feet not touching the floor. Lower your knees to the sides of you til they almost touch the floor, and bring them together again. 50 reps.

Okay so I'll do this everyday along with the biggest loser 30 day jump start program. It's only ten minutes and I would do it as a warm up. For a cool down, I'd do 20-30 minute yoga for weight loss by the biggest loser. And then right before bed I'd do a 15 relaxation yoga video.

So that's my plan:
1.) 30 day jump start 10 minute workout as a warm up
2.) Full body workout
3.) 20-30 minute weight loss yoga video from the biggest loser

As for weight I've been stuck at 161 :-/ Well blog ya soon, bye!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

New eating plan

Hey bloggies!!! I know I haven't been blogging lately, sorry, school just started and I have 2 Ap classes and an honors class plus marching band so needless to say, I've been busy :-). Anyway, I'm now starting the weight watchers program. I'm not buying it but i figured out my points and printed out a points slider so ill upload them for you. heres a link for the points calculator:

And heres the points slider. well thats all for now, as for weight I've been at a plateau between 162-159 and I'm hoping this will help, blog ya soon, bye!!! :-)

Monday, August 27, 2012

First weigh in

Hey bloggies!! :-) So I just got done doing an hour of yoga and in a couple hours I'm off for two hours of swimming so today will be great!! I really like swimming but I get tired really easily :-( but it's fun so I'll keep doing it! Any way, I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 159.6 :-D I haven't weighed 150 something in a long time. So I'm almost down ten pounds!!! So now that that's done lemme tell you a story. So on the last day of school I get told I'm in honors English, I did the over summer assignment and everything was fine. About 11 days before school starts I get a letter that says I'm in ap European history and I have to read "the prince" and answer 40 something questions....WTF!!!???!!? Why tell me now?! Idk, just kinda pissed at school but I'm a fast reader so I'll be ok. I can't wait for school to start, it starts in 9 days!! :-D ah I can't wait, well that's all for now, blog ya later!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

*Update* Sorry

Sorry I haven't been able to post lately, I've been so busy(how I got my blog name) so my first week sucked, I didn't exercise or eat healthy at all and I ended up weighing 168! That's the heaviest I've ever been and it was like a wake up call. So, it's been about 2 weeks since then and guess what?? I weigh 161!! I'm so excited!! Wanna know how I did it?? Okay so I have myfitnesspal and it tracks every thing I eat. I eat 1200 calories a day, I drink more water and I started exercising :-) I have swim practice almost everyday and on days I don't swim, I walk my dog for about an hour. So in 5-6 days I lost 7 pounds!!! So exciting!! Well, this was just a quick update, I promise that next Monday I will definitely weigh in and post!! Thank you for reading, blog ya soon, bye!! :-)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First workout

So the first thing I did was week one of my running program. It wasn't hard at all, It's supposed to ease you into running and it's working great :-D And then there was the workout......It's 30 jumping jacks and 10 crunches. I HATE CRUNCHES!! SO MUCH!!! Felling sore but It's worth, I hope it pays of next monday at my next weigh in. Even losing a pound will be a pound lighter! Well, after doing the jumping jacks I was tired, and hot. I live in washington and it's been over 80 degrees for DAYS! Like come on! It's supposed to be rainy and cold. But I didn't stop, I took a one minute break and drank a s**t ton of ICE COLD WATER!! So refreshing, and then I did crunches. My stomach still hurts but It will be worth it, I know it. Sorry for the short blog, I'm not much of a typer. I'm just hoping that you read my story, enjoy it and it motivates YOU!! So Long, Next blog will probably be on monday :-)