Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First workout

So the first thing I did was week one of my running program. It wasn't hard at all, It's supposed to ease you into running and it's working great :-D And then there was the workout......It's 30 jumping jacks and 10 crunches. I HATE CRUNCHES!! SO MUCH!!! Felling sore but It's worth, I hope it pays of next monday at my next weigh in. Even losing a pound will be a pound lighter! Well, after doing the jumping jacks I was tired, and hot. I live in washington and it's been over 80 degrees for DAYS! Like come on! It's supposed to be rainy and cold. But I didn't stop, I took a one minute break and drank a s**t ton of ICE COLD WATER!! So refreshing, and then I did crunches. My stomach still hurts but It will be worth it, I know it. Sorry for the short blog, I'm not much of a typer. I'm just hoping that you read my story, enjoy it and it motivates YOU!! So Long, Next blog will probably be on monday :-)

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